Spicy Vegan Bolognese Pasta


Hey folks! We are going to make delicious vegan a la bolognese pasta today. Perfect for diner and you can make it as much spicy as only you like.



• cup of red lentils (soaked over night it is going to make them be more easy to digest also you will get more nutrients, thanks to soaking you can cook them much faster too).
• half of zucchini.
• few mushrooms.
• one medium onion.
• red and green pepper.
• fresh tomatoes or a canned ones.
• one clove of garlic.
• gluten free pasta or any regular pasta.
• some vegetable oil to heat a pan (rapeseed oil co-operates good with high heat).
• spices: thyme, oregano, basil, chili powder, sweet pepper powder, cayenne peper, sea salt, garlic powder (optional you add spices which you like and as much as you like).

1. First we need to chopped all vegetables into a small pieces.



2. Heat a pan on a medium heat add some vegetable oil put chopped onion and mushrooms into slightly hot oil fry for a while.
3. Add tomatoes from a can or fresh ones and all of the rest ingredients including spices.



4. Cook until lentils will become soft enough.
5. Boil some water with salt and a dash of vegetable oil and make some pasta.


6. Add some chopped olives or some more salt if you like and enjoy:-)
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