~Superfoods~ part 1 Noni Juice



So lets talk about superfoods:-)! I would like to start writing about new category today, subject of superfoods I think shoud be interesting for everyone who is a fan of healthy living. There is so many herbs, fruits, vegetables and substances which can change our life completely in a very positive way. Lots of people looking for some remedy for their illnesses and don’t have a clue where to find them.

I am not the expert but over many years of trying to eat healthy, researching and getting knowledge in these subject I have tried a lot of different things which gived me a solid dose of cognizance.

It was about ten years ago when I first tried Noni juice. I just started doing my university course, back then I was working and studying in the same time, both full time, also as a young girl was trying to enjoy uni life as much as it’s possible and for the first time in my life I was out of energy. Feeling always tired I decided to do some research on internet looking for something which can boost my energy levels. Thats how I found noni juice. It had very good reviews so I thought I will give it a shot. I have to say it was expensive purchase for a poor student but I was that desperate to find remedy that I just ordered it straight away and it was the best decision ever.

Maybe I will tell you a bit about where noni comes from and a benefits of that amazing plant before I will describe how it works for me.

So Noni comes from a Morinda Citrifolia tree also known as Mulberry. You can mostly find it in Southeast Asia, Caribbean Australasia. There is thousand of studies that show variety of Noni juice benefits. The natural healing power of noni juice has been esteemed for its ability to keep your energy levels, prevent body weakness, make your skin look healthy and glowing, accelerates healing process in your body and boost your immune system.
Noni juice has effect on:
• preventing of cancer,
• protection and healthy functioning of liver,
• gout problems,
• helps to people with diabetes,
• cardiovascular health,
• relief from memory problems
• it’s antifungal,  anti inflammatory ( helps with arthritis), anti bacterial,
• helps fight with disorders related to nervous system,
• it’s natural pain killer,
• its antidepressant- stimulates serotonin and melatonin two important hormones which affect your mood

Noni offers you colorful nutritional value. It contains:
• vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12,
• vitamin C,
• folate,
• vitamin E,
• beta carotene,
• calcium,
• potassium,
• magnesium,
• iron,
• phosphorus,
• huge range of antioxidants.

Reading all of this you probably think it’s too good to be true but I have to tell you one thing Noni juice really works! During taking noni I had experienced so many amazing things this juice done to my body and mind. First of all I started gradually getting more and more energy, my skin looked better, my hair started to grow like a crazy, I had no mood swings I was happy all the time, I had better quality of sleep and my dear readers I lost quite lots of weight. I was never overweight pearson but always had few pounds which I wanted to loose and thanks to Noni I had that chance easily doing nothing but just drinking about 20 ml of that amazing nature gift three times daily. The only thing which is not good at Noni is the taste of it, you have to drink it with juice or water but I think its nothing compare to what that juice can give to you. I still do continue to take Noni and I’m planning to grow my own plant.

Two tips before you buy Noni:
• don’t buy it with fake flavourings there is no need to consume chemistry,
• if thats possible buy organic certificated juice or chceck reviews of brand you buying because there is a lot of fake brands which sales very low concentrated products. Remember my friend high price in that case gives you high quality.

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment on a side if you have any questions or email me if you wish and don’t forget to subscribe below to get new post notifications hugs.

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