~Superfoods~ part 2 Apple Cider Vinegar  #vegan 


I have to say that vinegar is very well known these days. For hundreds of years has been used as a remedy to help with many health problems also in variety of household and cooking purposes. Apple cider vinegar is most popular from all vinegars.

I do admit I have heard about this product since ages. I remember when about 15 years ago my mother was amazed about of what apple cider vinegar can do to your body. For very long time I wasn’t convinced to this theory, mainly because I have tried using it once and wasn’t very impressed, after drinking ridiculously huge amount of it I ended having very upset stomach. So I just thought: how something which tastes like acid and gives you belly ache can be good for you? It can’t right?!? Well… I was completely wrong.

I think it was a year ago when I decided to give one more chance to apple vinegar, it was after lots of reading, checking hundreds of youtube videos about such a good influence it can have on your body when it’s properly used. I thought again 😉 it must of be something there when so many people and health gurus highly recommend it!

Here are some of benefits of apple cider vinegar (knowledge based on my researches):
• It can help you with digestion problems, thanks to acid found in vinegar, this acid increase level of digestive ezymes, more ezymes can cure heartburn and reflux. In the same time thanks to that proces your body absorb less calories from food you eat its very helpful to fight obesity,
• gives you more energy, again acid from vinegar helps turn carbs into energy,
• lots of researches show it can lower your blood pressure and a blood sugar,
• it kills bad breath thanks to antibacterial properties,
• balances your body pH, makes your body more alkalined,
• alkalizing your body gives you healthy bones,
• helps you with sinus infections and allergies because it removes mucus from body,

My personal feelings about apple cider vinegar after a year of using:
1. I do have more energy after drinking it that’s why I often take a shots of vinegar during a day,
2. I had problems with tonsils infection since about 10 years also my tonsils caused me constant sinus and year infection it was never ending story.. I got rid of sinus problem and decreased tonsils infection from every day problem to having it very rare,
3. My spring allergies, they just disappeared, gone! :-),
4. I feel like my skin is glowing, to be honest I don’t know is it because of vinegar or healthy lifestyle but vinegar definitely helps with that.

My tips on how to buy and use vinegar:
• if it’s possible always buy organic good quality apple cider vinegar,
• always dilute it with water to decease acidity and make it more nice to drink,
• use a straw to drink it because acid in vinegar can damage your enamel,
• start with small doses like one teaspoon and slowly increase it to as much as you like to give your body and mainly liver time to get use to it (apple cider its highly detoxificating thats why you have start with small doses to help your liver remove all toxins and don’t feel bad in the same time).

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