~Superfoods~ part 3 Pickled-Fermented Beets Recipe #vegan #healthylifestyle

Beets are one of most underappreciated from all vegetables. These magnificent, colorful root vegetables are very powerful in nutrients and can save you from lots of health issues.

They can protect you from:

• several cancer types,

• against heart disease and birth defects.

They are great source of:

• B vitamin,

• folate,

• magnesium,

• potassium,

• vit C,

• iron,

• copper,

• phosphorus,

• dietary fiber,

• beta carotene,

• lutein

Beets are perfect for liver cleansing. Fermented Beets are full of probiotics which help your digestion system and support your immune system. They cure anemia by containing very easy to absorb iron.

Fermented Beets are very easy to make. They basically save your life every time you eat them:)

Recipe for fermented beets:


• 3 large beets (portion for one medium jar),

• 2 cloves of garlic,

• pickling spices,

• 3 glasses of water,

• 1 tsp of salt.

1. Peel beets and slice them for medium thickness. (you can use gloves to avoid red hands)

2. Put sliced beets to a jar add spices,garlic and water. All beets should be covered with water. At the end add salt and shake the jar when you close it.

3. Keep them in warm dark place for 3-5 days. After opening a jar take the foam out from the top of it using spoon and enjoy. In this form they can last in a fridge for few weeks.

Fermented Beets you can use for soups and salads. Water from beets is also extremely healthy to drink.

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