Vegan / Vegetarian red pepper chickpea protein soup recipe. (Toddler friendly) 

#Vegan #vegetarian #plantbased                  Let me give you today simple recipe for very delicious vegetarian red pepper stuffed chickpea soup.

We all have days when we struggle with time to prepare meal but we would like to eat something warming and nutritious in the same time. Well this red pepper protein chickpea soup recipe is perfect for all busy people. It is very easy to make and you can do it on the run in just 30 mins.

Peppers have been cultivated for thousands of years mainly for their great taste. They are native to Central and South America.

Peppers are very low in calories and rich in vitamin C, they also contain:

• Vit B6,

• Vit K1,

• Potassium,

• Folate,

• Vit E,

• Vit A,

• Lutein, Quercetin,

Consuming them on a daily basis can give you many health benefits like very good eye health, anemia prevention and many others.

If we are looking for some good plant based protein source there is nothing better than chickpea. They also full of nutrients and have so many health benefits that they deserve their own post on my blog. I will definitely create one soon in Superfoods edition.


• 3-4 red pepper bells,

• few mushrooms,

• one big onion,

• one zucchini,

• handful portion of spinach,

• two cups of chickpea precooked or canned,

• tomato sauce

• salt, pepper, basil, thyme, smoked pepper spice


1. Chop onion and the rest of vegetables into big slice.

2. Fry onion on non sticky pan until it gets light brown colour.

3. Add everything to one big pani including tomato sauce and cook on medium heat (gas marketing 6) until vegetables are soft enough.

4. Add some spices and enjoy!

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