Quick Vegan Veggie Burger Recipe. Gluten Free.

Let me present you today very easy to make decisions veggie burger recipe.

Sometimes the quality of vegetarian burgers which are available in our local stores is not very satisfying. So if you are looking for some simple, healthy and nourishing vegan recipe, which could be perfect for grilling season or any other occasion…I got your back here.

The base of my recipe is a brown rice, which gives you a solid dose of protein and red beans. Red beans are full of nutrients, according to new sources it’s more than 80 different nutrients in them. We can find there:

• folate

• fiber

• copper

• manganese

• phosphorus

• protein

• vit B1

• iron

• potassium

• magnesium and many many more.

Red beans are very low in calories and GI. They absorbing flavors easily so they perfect for any dish.

Prepare time ||    Cook time    ||    Total.           20 min.                 10 min.           30-40 min


handful portion of spinach

• cup of red beans soaked and cooked or canned

• half cup of oats

• three cups of cooked brown rice

• bread crumbs

• rapeseed oil

• onion

• organic BBQ sauce and a two table spoons of tomato sauce

• spices: mustard powder, salt, pepper, smoked pepper, thyme

• half cup of water


1. Chop onion and caramelize it on medium heat ( gas mark 6).

2. In the same time boil rice and add the rest of ingredients except of bread crumbs to food processor and blend it.

3. Add rice to prepared mixture and bread crumbs to get thickness.

4. Form burgers and fry on both sides on non sticky pan adding little bit of oil. You should be frying 5 mins on each side.

5. Serve with your favorite bread and toppings and enjoy!

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